Íslenski söfnuðurinn í London


Trip to Skálholt

Linda Sóley James

We had just left BSI and we were all on the coach.The coach was a tourist coach,the lady on the coach was telling everyone about the elves in the rocks.Then she sang an old icelandic song, we all cheered.First we stopped at a site with a canyon with water inside.The canyon was massive,it was a great view. We stopped at a place called Eden,at Eden we had lunch.When we got to Skalholt we all rushed in our summerhouses I shared a summerhouse with Una,Eyrun and Eyruns daughter,and two other girls. I cant remember their names.We had some lovely hardfisk and played card games.Then everyone names came into our summerhouse and met a man called Sveinn Bjarki Tomasson, he playd the guitar.

We played some fun games and sang a few songs.About an hour later we went to the Skalholt church we all sat down on the chairs and a man told us all abour Skalholts history.Then we went to a bit in Skalholt where there was a toumb with a skeleton inside of an old priest,after the man told us about the priest we went and had skuffukaka and something to drink.Then we went outside to an old building site the man told us about the rooms ect.After that we went into two different groups and we went and made up a play about the good Samaritan then we went back to the chruch and a man called Roy Long told us all about Skalholt and the stuff inside it.Then we showed our plays.Then we had a church service,after that we had dinner,the dinner was pizza and chips my favorite.

We then went into a big hall, in the hall there was all the kids from the other summerhouses.We played pop idol in the hall, then 3 group leaders (including Siggi>) all had to put on make up it was a laugh.There was a contest to see which group leader looked the best.Then we all went back to our summerhouses for the night.We had breakfast at 10 am.Then we went to another church service.After that we went into a couple of different groups and discussed a few things, I was in a group with Siggi, Orri,Andri and Saeunni.Then we went to Skalholtsskola and had grjonagraut which was nice.

Then we went to different groups and read a bit out of the fylgjum jesu book, after that we all went into a room with Svein and played some games 1 by 1 we all went to the Skalholts church and we wrote a prayer to say in the church.After everyone was done we talked about our prayers.Then we went back to our summerhouses and got all our stuff together and and took it to Skalholtsskola then we had dinner.After dinner we went back into church.A priest called Roy Long had put a lovely icelandic hymm into english we were the first people ever to sing the hymm in english.Then we went back to Skalholtsskola got all our stuff and waited outside the school for our coach to come and take us to Reykjavik.

Overall I had a really nice time THANK YOU.


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