Íslenski söfnuðurinn í London


The Trip to Skalholt

Dagur Húnfjörð

On the 22nd of October 04, we started our Trip to skalholt. We met at Stansted airport and took a plain with Iceland express to keflavik. We were picked up on the airport, by family/friends, in my case my brother, and I slept at my grans house.

The Day after, early in the morning, we met up at the bus pickup place, and we took a Bus, which was really a tour bus, to Skalholt, which took about 2 hours.

When we got there we went to our houses to find the “beds” we were going to be in. About 30min later we went to one of the houses and we did some games to get to know each other and each others names, such as the first thing we did was to say our name, shoe size and The colour of our tooth brush, which I found quite strange. After playing a few games and getting to know each other better, we went to the church and a Priest told us a bit of history of the place and then he gave us some Cakes and Drinks for Tea.

After the tea, we were separated into two groups and our group had to do a play about the Good Samaritan, but we changed it a bit and made it how it would be if it would happen today.

The Story was like so:

One day a man was walking down a street in London and suddenly some biker guys/girls came and beat up the man and stole his money and his jacket, when the man was lying hurt on the floor a posh woman came past (something like the queen) and said “ewww”

And held over her nose, then a man wearing a tie and a suit (like Tony Blair) came past “stupid man lying on the road, get a job, and a life” said the man smiling. Then some guy

wearing Punkers clothes and spiky hair came by and said “wow, you look hurt man” and took the man to a Hotel/B&B and told the woman there too take care of the man and left the man some money.

Then we Swapped with the others and went to the church, and a man from England, which I have forgotten the name of, told us some of the names of the things in the church, such as the Alter for instance. Then we waited for the others and they showed us their play, and we showed them our play, their play was just the normal Good Samaritan story.

Then we started to put water into the hot tub, had dinner and when we got back the water in the hot tub hadn’t even gotten to the half point so we filled the other hot tub and went into that, all squashed up with about 10 people in the tub.
The next day we woke up about 9, and went to one of the houses to talk about what we had enjoyed and then we went to the school next to the church and played some games and a person was picked out of the group and they had to go to the church to write a prayer, in some cases for some people that did get emotional, but the games were fun, such as a game that you had to sit in a chair and a person was behind you, and that person would only be allowed to look at your head and it would be cheating if he wouldn’t and one person who would not have a partner would blink at a person and that person would have to get to that persons chair, but the person behind you would have to grab onto you before you get away, which was a fun game after that we had Lunch in the school, “mmm Rice pudding”, and then we studied a bit from the book “following jesus”, then we went to church and after that to our houses and cleaned them up and packed up, and brought our bags to the school, and then we went to the church again and sung a song that The English guy that I forgot the name of just translated from Icelandic to English and we said a short prayer that we made ourselves, after that we went to wait for the Bus which was a bit late and that was the end of our Great trip to Skalholt. I would like to thank Siggi for taking us on that trip and for every thing he did for us there.


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