The International Congregation in Breiðholts Church – ICB

Sunday worship and prayer service in English are held all sundays at 14:00 except the last sunday of the month. Pastors: Rev. Toshiki Toma and rev. Magnús Björn Björnsson.

Interview hours: Thursday 13:00-16:00 or with agreement. Necessary to make an appointment in advance. Rev. Thoshiki Toma. Tel: 7797123

Seekers prayer meeting Laugarneskirkja (Laugarnes-church) on Tuesdays at 17:00. Bus from Hlemmur No. 14 (get of at Teigur)

English service in English on the last Sunday of the month Hallgrímskirkja (Hallgrims-church) at 14:00. Rev. Bjarni Þór Bjarnason.


    Breðholtskirkja, Þangbakka 5, 109 Reykjavík. Sími 587 1500 , fax 5870185 · Kerfi RSS